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January 27th 2011    Tim Candler

    Creative Is.   And probably it contains grammatical error because "is" implies narrative.  In other words, "is" tries to attach the word creative to something else.   And to say that "is" attaches the word "creative" to "is", would require me to claim "Creative is Is."  And I don't think that's what I mean at all.

    But I have long suspected that language is limited by narrative.  The mind dwells in story.  This then that, then that then this.  It's a Turkey call. Words joined into sentences, and woe betide the double negative because the pompous pounce on them with the flash of an Olympiad throwing his javelin.  Which I suppose gives a person his chance to cringe at the disciplining of thought through the teaching of grammar. 

     "is" belongs to the third person singular present indicative of "be".  In the tapestry of words, "is" is a verb.  "be" amongst it's many qualities, is the first person singular present indicative of "am".   "be" too is a verb.  And God only knows what a semi-colon might be.

    So I have decided to remove  "Creative Is" from my lexicon and in its place I will enter the expression "Creative Be". Then when someone asks what the hell I am talking about, I'll say "aaarghh" and I'll walk around like a pirate with long arms.

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