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January 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

    I wish I could be more convinced by those who see May 21st, 2011 as the End of Times.  Too often the date certain has passed into history without sign of rapture, and here we are again with yet another date certain.

    It is probably like buying the lottery ticket, convinced it is the winning ticket.  Feeling it warm in the pocket, knowing that when the ping-pong balls fall, all cares are gone.  Then on the Friday night, that sense of outrage and disappointment because someone has cheated.  And on Sunday I see the odious winner jumping up and down, surrounded by an unnatural number of relatives and friends.

     True Believers will apparently not be drinking beer, diving into buckets of ice cream or wandering naked in their vegetable gardens. Instead, I am informed,  it is through ordinary day to day behavior the True Believer will have his chance to save the souls of others, and thus assure his place amongst the gathered.

    A strategy which, if I were a True Believer, I would be disinclined to follow because from my reading I have learned that heaven is a place where people and their habits are grimly uniform.

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