An English In Kentucky


















January 5th 2011    Tim Candler

    If I am forced to go to town I pass a field where Meadow Larks often can be seen during winter months.  They flit about, apparently happy and their stare is sometimes contemptuous. So I slow down to let busier people pass and I ask Meadow Larks what on god's green acres is wrong with our field.

    Then I calculate the hours in a day that I spend pottering outside and because I am hibernating the answer is much less than one.

    The more reckless of my species are out and about, quite oblivious to natural inclination.  They are carrying on regardless.  Rosy cheeks and active. Running around and healthy.  Longing for a "really big snow".  And they have seen Meadow Larks in our field and probably Ostrich and Elephant, and maybe a Platypus.

    But as a hibernating creature I have to wait a month or two until my reserves are properly restored.

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