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January 7th 2011    Tim Candler

    I took the long way.  Round behind the barn, down the hill and along to the open gate by the dying Sycamore.  And there in the distance was the Close Mockingbird on a fence post asking me questions.  I told him I needed the exercise and was just going for a walk. 

    The Far Mockingbird has a Spindle Tree that's growing nicely.  It has that strange ribbed bark, which the suspicious might decide is a pox of some kind. 

        And yes, maybe they did make spindles from the "woode of ye olde Spindle Tree".  And probably this tree's other name of Indian Arrow Wood implies yet another usefulness.

    But what I call a Spindle Tree, the Far Mockingbird probably calls a "Wahoo Tree" because it is like that over there in his part of the world. 

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