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January 8th 2011    Tim Candler

    Passed through Newt and Crail Hope on the way home.  Places with more name than people, but I suspect that if I was one of those who lived in Newt of Crail Hope I might sound more reasonable.

    You know a Witch Tree when you first see one.  You give it a name, and later if you walk passed it in company with another, you say "That's the Witch Tree."  Then there are questions.

     I think perhaps it is the tree's isolation.  It stands in  clearing with nothing but leaves at its feet.  No Briar, no Honeysuckle, no Fern or spring bloom.  And it is a silent thing which catches your eye, draws you too it.

    Our Witch Tree is a Beech and she has a little crookedness to her trunk.  And I think too she might have a little witch coming along beside her, which means she'll not be so lonely.

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