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July 13th  2011    Tim Candler

    There are words that begin to grate nerves which is why I keep a list.  "Sit-rep" is on that list and today I have added the word "notion."

     I am not an Orwell,  I like the complicated word, and often I go years completely misusing a word which troubles me not in the least because I have strange ideas about the nature of language and prefer to leave what's called proper usage to the dictates of the anal retentive.


     However sometimes a word becomes an ogre.  It sits on the side of my head and whenever I hear it, lights flash, sirens wail and I flinch as though bitten by something with teeth.

      The word "notion" is currently such an ogre, but one day I probably will look back upon it as I do upon "sit-rep" and smile as one does when thinking of simpler times.

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