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July 16th  2011    Tim Candler

    Chat Masala is a combination of Mango powder, Cumin, sulfur  rock salt or black salt, ginger, regular salt, Chili powder and a goo from the roots of Giant Fennel, which is sometimes called asant or Devil's dung.  I mention this because today, after Stinkbug hunting, I cook Snake Gourd.

    Inevitably I am going to have to make up my own masala and this is always a dangerous journey because of all things a masala has history, tradition and a ratio of ingredients that require an expertise far beyond my capacity.  So who knows where we'll be this time tomorrow.  


     Vindaloo Masala is originally from Goa.  "Aloo" in Hindi is "Potato" in English, but Potato is only added to a Vindaloo dish when meat is expensive or is hiding and cannot be found.  And I mention this because a Chicken Vindaloo with Potato is probably one of the most delicious things.

     I have washed the dishes at an Indian Curry House.  Unlike so many restaurants, this restaurant did not give its lowest employees a meal or access to the leftovers.  Which I thought was tightfisted of them, and I still do. 

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