An English In Kentucky


















July 17th  2011    Tim Candler

    I'll call them "Bunny Issues."    Rabbits breaching the fence to gorge and the Cedar Mockingbird has a child in the Apple Tree, so tread warily or incur a mother's ire.  And down there in the far corner of the field, young Coyote romping around with no concept of their god given function.  And where is an Owl when you need one.  It's anarchy, or city life.


     However there is always orderliness to be had from edging.  A nice clean line to demonstrate actual transition.  A place that is and a place that shouldn't be.  Sometimes it's called "cared for".  And sometimes it's necessary for that sense of empowerment crucial to mental health.  It's a line that lasts for about five days.

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