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July 18th  2011    Tim Candler

    The more important point, and the one I have huge difficulty admitting to, is that hours and good money spent upon garden fence enhancement have been quite wasted.  A smaller Rabbit cannot penetrate Chicken wire, but is very able to climb over it.  And looks quite adorable doing so. 

    I'll need a good three feet of height, instead of a paltry one foot, and when this is accomplished, I feel very confident Rabbit will simply tunnel under the fence.  Which I suppose is my opportunity to dig out the four hundred foot of Mole barrier I once had such an enthusiasm for.


     Fortunately the Artist has a more immediate power. The live trap has now twice been occupied.  And perverse though it sounds, there is nothing quite like dropping a little apple fed darling off at the far end of the field where he can interact with and perhaps encourage those bone idle Coyote.

    There is a chance, I suppose, the Coyote have moved on, but that's not something my brain wants to handle at the moment because I have been assured that Rabbits are like Homing Pigeons.

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