An English In Kentucky


















July 19th  2011    Tim Candler

    For those gardeners un-tempered by the bucolic, 'rabbit twitch' might sound like a hair style or a shoe design. 

    I picture you high on the flat roofs, tending Tomato and hunting down Pigeon guano to maintain organic credentials. I understand the adventure of confronting an Aphid.  I see the postman delivering Lady-Birds and Praying Mantis.  And I know the agony of a straight-line wind.


     But go ahead, chug down your free trade latte and buttered crumpet while you debate the real.  Discuss the Tigger Melon and why it looks nothing like the photographs.  Enjoy your quarrel with fluoride because here where I live 'rabbit twitch' dominates the day to day.

    It's a paranoia of the authentic.  It has glistening eyes that see all, and even if it's still and silent like a tuft of dried grass you'll chase after it with stick and stone, then have to sit quietly for an hour or two, so wishfulness can return.

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