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July 23rd  2011    Tim Candler

     When God decided he wanted to be noticed he first tried winter and when that failed he invented humidity. It's a lethargy that makes a person sit and stare, and much worse this inactivity also drives up the appetite for such things as Zucchini Bread and fried Apple Pie.

    I have put the drawl into my movements in an attempt to carry on regardless but slow pace serves only to drag out the ordeal of getting around, and anyway there is a fence around the Vegetable Garden through which most creatures can crawl except for breezes.


     One sad consequence is that climbing stairs or ladders brings on those black flecks that cross the line of vision and are a symptomatic of a total lack of useful exercise.  Yet I seem able to lift the spoon without the least effort and I am giving serious consideration to yet one more attempt at Chat Masala, this time with Malabar Spinach.

    Again I would like to reiterate my support for the Aquatic Ape hypothesis.  And I will claim that those ponds in which we once wallowed were not situated anywhere near a savannah but were in the warm valley of a foothill beside a tall mountain out of which icy water streamed.  And sometimes we ate Ducks while our children climbed trees.

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