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July 28th  2011    Tim Candler

    Hornet or Wasp or something that bites with its tail.  It is still in the room where I sleep.  Always a reminder to tidy a little, otherwise a person gets tunnel vision and can hurt both himself and his stuff by leaping around and swatting at things. 

     And it seems like only yesterday I tidied up.  So there must be a  flux in here, an evolving pattern, a new gap in the siding.  And she probably has relatives lining up to try their luck.


     In the good old days it was just the odd Moth which would wait politely upon the light bulb where it was easily knocked senseless and relocated.  Nor have I any clue how moths found their way inside.

    But Wasps or Hornets fight back, or crawl around buzzing in an ominous manner and they are apparently armored.  A loose leaf note book or paperback serves only to enrage them, so best to reach for that sort of hard edged tome that could break a window during a time of stress.

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