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July 3rd  2011    Tim Candler

    Goldfinch get excited about Sunflowers.  It's those big seeds.  You can feast for hours and hours and enter stupor without having to fly about after grass seed or those measly  things Bachelor Buttons call seeds.  And much more important, Sunflowers are yellow and black, they are tall and they are slow witted.

    The bloom of Tomato is yellow and sometimes a Goldfinch, because he is good looking and accustomed to getting his way, is able to convince himself that Tomato are little Sunflower, and he'll hack away looking for the big seed.  Which irritates a gardener, because gardeners are barnacled, slow moving and too easily shocked.  

      The bloom of Climbing Gourds, creeping Gourds and Squashes are large flamboyant and often yellow.  But Goldfinch leave them alone because Hummingbird have been seen amongst them, and Goldfinch like so many of us are nervous of Hummingbirds because Hummingbirds have no sense of personal space, they get too close and they have that beady eye..

    It's odd, but Goldfinch don't go for the ornamental Sunflowers.  The Daisies.  In late winter they'll nibble on a Dandelion seed head and dream of plenty, but clans of yellow Daisy that fill the early July are mostly Goldfinch free. I guess it's an affinity only the pretty people can understand.

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