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July 5th  2011    Tim Candler

    There are three Wax Gourd vines in the Vegetable Garden.   All of them appear happy.

    One is growing nicely upon the one side of the arch and soon it will join with the white blooms of Snake Gourd.  A second is near the Candy Roaster, and I can understand why it might be too flabbergasted by the giant children of Candy Roaster to want its own.   A third is in the far corner, and this Wax Gourd has three very polite and perfectly formed gourds that everyday gain just the right amount of weight.

      I believe a Wax Gourd has boy and girl flowers.  The boy flowers are first to emerge.  They stand up on stalks and look around in that restless way and the next day there are more of them.   The girl flowers are rarer, they hold fast to the vine and some might tell me the girl flowers of Wax Gourd are more reluctant because they are shy and sensitive to soil, temperature, rainfall and mood.  There is too that theory of numbers that puts a percentage between the quantity of boy flowers to the quality of girl flowers.

    My own view is staggeringly anthropomorphic and gets me into trouble.

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