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June 10th  2011    Tim Candler

    One of the signs of obsessive personality is fixation upon the reason why the Cedar Mockingbird prefers one leg when perched on the electric line.  It is his left leg.  And just before he flies his right leg emerges from his feathers like a magic trick.  Then when he lands on the grass to chase food, he scurries around healthy as a horse.

    I have got to think it is basically a demonstration of prowess.  Impressing the child, with a "look what I can do."  And the little chap keeps saying, "do it again! do it again!"   A circumstance I can understand because the Cedar Mockingbird's child is in my estimation a half size larger than his parent.  He seems already huge and getting bigger.

     There is too a possibility that the behavior is an example of "I am too exhausted and I only have on leg."   However, I do not think this is the case because the two of them are frequently dotted around in close proximity of each other and when worry calls the Cedar Mockingbird's child trundles toward the bushes beyond the compost piles, where he is soon joined by both his parents.

      It'll be cruel for everyone when that time for winter territory arrives.  There will be yelling and screaming at each other and enough blame to fill the universe.

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