An English In Kentucky


















June 11th  2011    Tim Candler

    Possibly the most ludicrous utterance I have recently been exposed to is the supposition that the Cedar Mockingbird stands on one leg to conserve body heat.  Juneau Alaska, possibly, but Kentucky in June unlikely.

   The Cedar Mockingbird has the potential, I believe, to fall deeply into what the professionals call hypochondriasis.  His persistent coughing and sneezing through the winter I would sometimes persuade myself belonged to a sense of himself and to his fantasy of sounds.  And it was a behavior that produced for him, because his apparent ailment resulted in dishes of raisins soaked in water.

     What did persuade me that his cough was indeed an ailment, arrived through the binoculars.  I could see his head and body when he coughed and sneezed.  It was all there short of a handkerchief.

    Now I don't know, and I begin to think his one legged display is devious strategy, because he has seen the power of Chicken wire and he knows he is not wanted amongst the Raspberry, which appear to be ripening no faster than he and his appetite driven child can eat them.

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