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June 13th  2011    Tim Candler

    Critical to mental health is a sense of self, a sense of worthiness and an understanding of purpose.  When birds of the air dominate the processing of day to day a mind suffers looseness and disconnectedness, both of which fall into the category of unhealthy because I cannot fly and have no beak.

    I  dislike the American word "birder" and  the English word  "twitcher".  "Bird-watcher" is static and dull, it ignores that sense of participation central to the experience of being a "birder" or a" twitcher" or a "bird-watcher."  Better to search for comparisons, such as for example "a man who is dominated by newts, or ticks."  Understand the peculiar-ness of it.  See it as a matter of belonging and understand "belonging" as a form of isolation, as opposed to a catch all expression for perfectness.

     Nor am I that fond of my fellow "birders".  I find them list driven, they are preoccupied with lenses, tripods and the plethora,  and much worse they have retention abilities that challenge an encyclopedia.  A capacity achieved primarily as consequence of competitive spirit and far too much time spent in pursuit of a self wonderfulness display.

      Yes indeed the spirit is strong.  I am pompous and proud of myself.  I walk tall through the pasture of life and growl.  And quite remarkable what forty nine and a half Red Heritage Raspberries can do for the mind. 

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