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June 20th  2011    Tim Candler

    17.16 tomorrow UT, sometimes called Zulu, and often called Greenwich Mean Time or Greenwich Meridian Time.

    In other words the English and the Welsh and the Irish and those who live in Scotland can observe at a civilized  sixteen minutes past six in the late afternoon tomorrow (UT+1).  Here in Kentucky we need to be outside at sixteen minutes past one in the early afternoon, and it will probably be very hot with humidity and flying insects.  The sun itself will rise here at 6.21 in the morning and will set at 9.05 in the evening.

     I will this year follow priestly tradition by wearing a gown and headdress.  There will be baking of bread on the outdoor stove and I will attempt to cook some sort of meat product as a warning to our community of rabbits who in this time of plenty and since the departure of the Grey Cat have become omnipresent, overly curious and really very obnoxious.   

    Quite what these behaviors have to do with the Solstice is far from certain, but such is flexibility of mind that some form of justification I am certain will emerge.

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