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June 21st  2011    Tim Candler

    Big time preparation, could be the technical expression.  At the same time it is rather weird.  So in the event of a passerby, I have three answers to the question why.

    Similarities between plumage and language go beyond the suffix '-age' which can associate a word with a place, or a condition, or a quality, or an act, or a result.  Some form of consequence.  Plumage is seen, while language is mostly heard, yet both leap around and flash in that same part of mind that answers with a judgment or an emotion.

     Then when a person tries to go outside understandings of display there can be consequences that result from interpretation of a display. 

    So I wonder what it will be like to dress up in the new pattern, and there is a part of me which hopes for a passerby so that I might judge reaction.  The odds are I'll run and hide, but there is also a chance I could find an excuse or a reason for my display by saying that I lost a bet, and they might laugh. 

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