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June 24th  2011    Tim Candler

    On such a clean crisp day the time has come to lift remaining onions, and it might be that I left them for the earth too long, so some will be soggy and weak willed.  But in the tradition of these things it does mean that soon now the grubs of Bean Beetle will emerge from wherever it is they hatch.  The little orange bastards will be all over the place and I will chase them until I fall.

    All the same I have come to the conclusion that Bean Beetle when compared to Stink Bug are sociable and loving and jolly good fun to be around, because the Stink Bug clearly belongs to a higher order of being. 

    I will argue that Stink Bug have already walked the generations through space travel, through the cell phone, they have toyed with exotic financial products and they found these adventures lacking. They tweeted, they endured vacations in Cancun and they remained completely unimpressed. They sacrificed to leave their children in debt, they solved the infinite and then finally the vegetable gardener emerged to show them their true path to salvation and happiness.

    We must be more than entertainment to them.  We are the beast to their purpose, because all they have to do is suck on a Tomato, or spit on the Chard and our world ends as we fall into apoplexy.

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