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June 25th  2011    Tim Candler

    Glastonbury 2011 was on the TV.  How that thing has changed.  In 1970  if you arrived with a tent or sober or rosy cheeked or in tears because Jimi Hedrix might have died the day before you were probably a health inspector.  It took two almost extinct ten shilling notes to get in and the milk was free because there weren't that many lost souls.  And if you can remember who played there all those years ago, then you are indeed an  "all about the music" and there is something seriously wrong with you.

     Me, I just liked being in Eden.  People who didn't give a rat's arse for the ordinary things, hugged complete strangers and smiled unquestioningly.  Of course it wasn't long before we all started to steal from each other.  And bankers still rule the world because to get into Glastonbury 2011 you would need today's equivalent of twenty four, ten shilling notes.  This I would hope keeps the immortals out.

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