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June 30th  2011    Tim Candler

    By July of last year the first bloom of Long Beans had set, and wisps of Bean had begun to trail.  This year it looks to me as though Long Bean are ten days from doing that.  But last year there was no rain in June that I can recall and it could be that Long Beans are happier this year so their need to procreate is less dominating.

     Candy Roaster on the other hand were a little happier last year.  They had a polite number of large pinkish children, one of which froze very well and turned out very tasty when cooked with Black Peas.  But this year the misery of being a Candy Roaster knows no bounds.  There must be some sort of religious calling that directs this fervor of theirs to "go forth..."

      It's the Blue lakes I am worried about, because they too look happy, despite the damp of rotten leaves around their stems.  My fault for greedily fitting them so tightly together.  And unless Bean Beetle arrive soon, I might have to restore correct purpose by resorting to the Roman tradition of decimation.

     Wax Gourd are of course blissfully happy, an abundance of bloom, long climbing stems, and even longer tendrils that waft and flow in a most seductive and easy manner.   And being wise, it's possible a Wax Gourd knows her seeds came from the postman.

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