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June 6th  2011    Tim Candler

    Last Monday was "Spring Bank Holiday" in the United Kingdom, and "Memorial Day" in the USA. Next Monday is "Whit Monday."  This Monday is "Sweden's National Day." "Sweden's National Day" is always June sixth, which means some years there is no day off in Sweden. "Whit Monday," in the United Kingdom, became "The Bank Holiday" and more recently it became "The Spring Bank Holiday" and it falls every year on the last Monday in May.  "Whit Monday" itself, being of religious significance, bounces around according to an archaic and rather beautiful principle.


     Many years ago, sometime in the seventies, when I last had regular work, the Public Holiday was something to look forward to.  It became an inalienable right except for those in the service industry.  Milk  had to be delivered, petrol stations had to be manned, dishes had to be washed and tables cleared.  Tasks performed with eagerness and enthusiasm by those of us willing to serve drunken and sunbathing hordes.

    So today if I come back from the dentist I am going to have the rest of the day off and I am going to call it "Dentist Day."

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