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June 7th  2011    Tim Candler

    There is a mood in the world of psychology and politics which offers a suggestion that hatred is innate.  Many have searched for the dark side and following the custom in all teleological argument they discover that "Jesus and Satan are brothers."  Not a great deal of value  to be had from his understanding, because essentially what they are saying is that good and bad are the two sides of one coin.  That you cannot have one without the other.

    Fortunately, or unfortunately hatred and love are learned in the arduous process of answering the "question why?" And here most learning is done through the offices of others and most learning occurs between the ages of one day old to around six years old.  As a result answers to the "question why?" are usually received from and usually promulgated by the powerful.

     There are those who argue that the "question why?" arrives as a result of an awareness of death.  But "what happens to us when we go?" is not the "question why?"  otherwise we all might as well head for the exit because we have learned absolutely nothing since crawling from the swamp.

     Recently the more liberal wise talk about "fear" as a source of our unenviable location on the tree of life.  Fear, they say is inevitable, and hatred, they say, is a cultural construct which locates fear in the person of someone or something else, isolates it there, fires up the marching band, then happily and with purpose goes to war against it. 

      For me the answer to the "question why" is creeping grass and Cowbirds. 

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