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June 9th  2011    Tim Candler

    Heat factor these past few days has generated a fear of outdoors.  But I have been out there enough to conclude that the Cedar Mockingbird is a peculiar parent.  His large child sits vulnerable on a fence post and squeaks while the Cedar Mockingbird  perches on the electric line apparently one legged.

    Initially I thought him injured.  Not at all.  He has both legs and both of them work.  So I can only conclude it is a from of display designed to instruct, or perhaps to impress his neighbors.  Or possibly it's just too hot and dry for careful thought.

     Certainly sent me into an unnecessary unraveling, because I was able to persuade myself that the cedar Mockingbird was not long for this world, and that somehow his large child would become my responsibility.  In my mind I had this child in the kitchen.  He was indignant on the windowsill and expecting his proper food of spiders or maybe a caterpillar.

    It's the long days I suppose.  The little bit of moon last night perhaps.  Changing the saw blade did not help.  And with her swallows gone the barn is silent, except for a Phoebe. 

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