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March 11th  2011    Tim Candler

    Bluebirds are cooing at each other.  I believe one pair has been made, and faithful they could remain until Fall. 

    A male Bluebird is too beautiful for real work.  He will carry a twig or two into his nest, and then with much razzmatazz  he will carry a twig or two out of his nest.  He'll sit close by and call and flutter his wings like a man disabled.  He'll get tough when other male Bluebirds come near, and he'll have apoplexy when he sees a Chickadee or a Sparrow or a Starling close by

     Then his heart will stop when he knows a girl Bluebird thinks he's cute.  He'll fly toward her and fly away from her. He'll dive to the ground, make a big show of catching a worm, like George slaying a dragon.

     When she gets close to his nest, he'll pretend to chase her away.  And she takes no notice.  She'll explore his place, check out the roof line, the view and the smells. 

     And then they sit together a while, staring at each other, as she decides whether it's worth it. 

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