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March 13th  2011    Tim Candler

    There is a boy Phoebe around Barn Swallow nests.  He's up in the eaves calling.  Seven years ago Phoebes stole a Barn Swallow nest.  They flitted around so  proud of themselves, while Barn Swallows had to build a new nest.

     I should discourage this Phoebe.  It's just lazy to live on the hard work of others.  Something so wrong about it.   And here my own kind is very far from perfect.  

     The Barn Swallows didn't appear to have an objection.  They didn't sit around grumpy.  They didn't raise armies. They became diligent, swooping for mud, and soon their new nest was built.

     I should discourage the Phoebe, but that would make me a political creature, someone who knows what right is.  And there are too many of those to add one more to their number. 

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