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March 17th  2011    Tim Candler

       Always difficult to think about Potato when ground is just this side of swamp.  All the same the Chicago River will flow green for an hour or two, and in the Village of Dripsey in County Cork participants have probably already held the shortest Saint Patrick's Day Parade in the world.  Eighty feet from the Lee Valley Inn to the Weigh Inn.

     Around the world there'll  be green beer drunk and enough of it to worry the Bishops. Here at home Rabbits are happy because Clover is fresh.  The Close Mockingbird is practicing songs, Robins are marking their territory and a Phoebe has total control of the barn.

    But I have the dentist to visit, which pretty much ruins my day.  It'll take me over an hour to get there, and if I ever get back, I'll start again tomorrow.

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