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March 21st  2011    Tim Candler

    For a long time I thought 'vernal' contained something vulgar within it's meaning.  I hoped no one would ever call me, "That vernal old man!"  or suggest that I was 'vernal' in any way. 

    I probably reckoned that 'vernal' was some part of 'venereal', or had something to do with why the relationship between a doctor and patient, lawyer and client, is privileged.

     So invariably, now that I am no longer 'vernal' enough to change my ways,  I find myself wishing the recent equinox had some word better than 'vernal' to describe it. 

     While Winter, Summer and Autumnal or Fall  Equinoxes have statement enough for me, Spring Equinox is an insufficient description of the superior Equinox, and the word 'vernal' retains for me an image of unmentionable disease accompanied by parts that are rotting. 

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