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March 23rd  2011    Tim Candler

    Meadow Larks have their nest on the edge of the field, and already they have eggs.  They are brown chocolate colored eggs, and they are unexpectedly large eggs.

    I thought it a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate powers of observation, and naturalist instinct.  A man well tuned in everyway, despite his peculiar hat and footwear.  What a chance to showoff, I thought.  So I scurried for the camera.

     Sometimes the excitement of a moment rearranges priorities.  Mine were clearly askew, because when I returned to the edge of the field, damn me if I couldn't find the nest, its eggs or its Meadow Lark.  And there was the worry of a carelessly placed foot wiping out yet another generation.

     These photographs are of  a Wild Ginger and her bloom. A plant that came to us from a friend who lives too far away.  And I am certainly showing-off because so often precious plants have also gone missing or have been mislaid.

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