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March 25th  2011    Tim Candler

       The Germinator has had tremendous success.  Hard to move around without knocking over a seed tray.  And even though I find the system confusing, I am sure it is organized, properly labeled and this year there will be no such thing as mystery plants, or that odd looking Lettuce seedling that turns into a Parsnip.

     Cypress Vine seedlings, Delphiniums, Bachelor Buttons and on it goes into Grape Tomato, Beef Steak and Roma.   And there is a cold frame that has insulation, a glass top, and a light bulb that maintained 58 degrees Fahrenheit through a night that saw temperatures in the mid thirties. 

     Humbled I am, and I wonder why it has taken all these years for me to accept, seventh place in the hierarchy of  germination.  Mockingbirds, Fox Squirrels and Blue Jays certainly have more success than I.

     And there they are!  My own lines of Spinach.  Quite pathetic.  A dribble of spikes that look at me and cower.  The grey Cat would probably have done better, which would leave me in eighth  place, just ahead of Moles. 

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