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March 26th  2011    Tim Candler

    There is apparently a thing called a 'modem', and for us this thing called a 'modem' is 'fried' and will require 'two to three business days.'

    Today is I believe Saturday.  The first business day will be Monday, which means until Wednesday or Thursday our 'modem' will remain 'fried'.  An insight into the  tyranny of invisible things.  

     "Without me," the modem says, "Your world changes."  And I have to agree with him.  "Without me," the modem says, "you become insular, backward and  blind."  Which could be true.

    "Without me," the modem says, "All you have is the television!"  Which is truly a nightmare, and I have to ask, "How on earth did my world come to this?" 

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