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March 28th  2011    Tim Candler

    I have the sense it might be too hot for Broad Beans, but I'll put their large seeds in the ground soon, and then wait for blooms and blight, and possibly an early demise.

    Plants that are unhappy in high heat, often have difficulty fixing the iron  necessary for photosynthesis, and here I feel like one of those old fools tagging a wives tale.  Because this is a half knowledge for me, something that creeps around memory alongside the idea of a soil element which can help those plants sensitive to high heat with the process of fixing iron. 

     I have a suspicion too that a trade marked corporate product may contain this element.   This product has two words in its name.  The first word references a prerequisite for those wishing to achieve sainthood.  The second word rhymes with 'row'.

    More interesting is the relationship between this element and foliage.  I suspect it encourages green leaf at the expense of bloom.  I also recall that amongst Tomato this element discourages the process of fruiting, and I wonder if it would do the same for the green pods of a Broad Bean.

    But damned if I can remember the name of the element itself, beyond this vague notion of iron fixing.  Perhaps if the the modem arrives...  

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