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March 31st  2011    Tim Candler

    Duality upsets philosophers primarily because they do not believe we are robots.  They'd rather think of us as a pure substance.  A completeness uncomplicated by the push and pull of one thing existing inside another.  It is the problem of soul.  That ghost in the machine, better thought of as 'being' which is defined as 'the thing that is me'.

    Invariably the matter is dismissed as the 'mystery of human life', and hearts soar because all is exciting, filled with promise and bountiful future.  Broad beans will thrive.  Spinach will flourish through July.  Hoppy Bug will practice birth control.  "Our best years are ahead."


     Easier to think of myself as a confused robot.  A thing that is never fully informed by the real.  Blundering around, I move from this thing to that, firm in the conviction that someone somewhere knows what I am doing, and why I am doing it.

    Then it occurs to me that we are all robots, moving from this thing to that and all of us just as firm in our delusions.  So, because it matters not in the least, I will blunder around, dance and sing without a care in the world.   Which some would tell me is irresponsible and probably pointless.

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