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March 3rd  2011    Tim Candler

    I'll plant Spinach today.  Three varieties.  And yesterday Asparagus thumbs were showing, so I pulled soil to cover them and put down a top dressing of mulch which came from the hardware store.

    First Spring I believe is here.  It'll probably be followed by a brief winter and then we'll be into Second Spring.  It is seesaw weather until the second week in May.

      There is a Quince that looks ready to bloom.  Forsythia is chipper.  Grass is greening.  Daffodils.  We'll have Grosbeaks soon.  All those things that make outside imperative.

      Toward the end of this month I'll look for Tree Swallows. I usually see them first on the big road into town.  And usually when I first see them we get a cold spell, sometimes with snow.

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