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March 4th  2011    Tim Candler

    The new sun hat has a strap to keep it attached to the head, and it cast a shadow larger than I am.

    I have already taken it for a walk across the field.  But in my view this doesn't truly count, unless I fall to the suspicion that across the river there is a telescope.  An idea I am prone to because there is a telescope on this side of the river.  

    In the next month or two someone will drive up the lane, and I will have my chance to greet them with this new hat on my head.   

     Usually I take my hat off when people are near.  Which has nothing to do with politeness, it has much more to do with intemperate comments I have made to myself about others who wear hats, or have tattoos, or wear pointed shoes, or drive red vehicles.  It's a "boys with earring" angst I guess.  

    Or perhaps all these years I have simply struggled with a phobia that might be called "fear of being seen wearing a hat."  Maybe there are pills for it.

     My new hat I suppose is flamboyant.  Give me a cheroot, a scarf and cattle prod.  And it is an odd thing because I feel very cool and sophisticated wearing Fagin gloves.  I might even wear them on the three hour drive to collect clay.

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