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March 6th  2011    Tim Candler

    Broad Beans.  They like cooler weather, so more likely they will struggle in the garden here.  They need a long season,  I would guess about four months.  And they like to be well watered.  So probably I should not have been tempted by slick packaging and memories.

    A Broad Bean is a waxy green, the Italian Fava Bean, the size of a Butter Bean, a little larger than that Soy Bean or Edamame which is, or was, so popular with the health nuts.

     Last time I grew Broad Bean was just north of London, England, in a garden that had grown them before.  They bloomed handsomely for weeks and weeks.  Passing them I had my mind around a bumper crop.  That sort of happiness that warms.

     Then in late September, from nearly ten plants, just two handfuls of Broad Beans, which because the garden was not mine, went directly to my employers Sunday Lunch.

     I should dot them around, consider them ornamentals, but already in my mind they are in a long straight row and swarmed by bees and butterflies, chocolate spot and black aphids.

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