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May 11th 2011    Tim Candler

    The 'pursuit of happiness' might include the bank robber successfully raiding his bank then retiring to pretty girls, tall drinks and beaches in an other place.  His inalienable right is in the quality of successfulness, otherwise he goes to jail.  Which is why qualities of time can be judged within a continuum from 'a being engrossed' to 'a being in jail'.  Everything else is mumbo jumbo.

     'Creative is', and too often I find myself at the other end of those blank stares reserved for the half baked, so I close my mind and discuss the state of affairs amongst Chard or Radish.  Which when successful within a criteria of successful get eaten or frozen or pickled for later consumption.

     There are some who might call the quality of 'a being engrossed', relaxation.  They do so mostly because the majority of demands upon us are external in origin.  Which is how I understand why the future has so dominated our thinking many believe in a life of 'relaxation' only after death.

     When I die I would like to be food for something.  I don't want it to hurt.  Indeed I would rather be completely oblivious to whatever it is that might be eating me.  Which makes 'awareness' more a quality of 'fear' than of 'enlightenment'.

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