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May 12th 2011    Tim Candler

    There is a sprout amongst Broad Bean.  Classic this should occur on a day when temperature touches ninety degrees Fahrenheit.  Yet there was no way to give them a long cool Spring without sacrificing them to frost.  But maybe I will see them flower before musk and butterfly and heat stroke kill them.

     Of Broad Bean blooms very few produce Broad Beans.  There is a Pareto Number for Peas and there is a Broad Bean Number. The Pareto Number is twenty percent.  The Broad Bean number is closer to five percent.  There in the garden, here in Kentucky, it's probably closer to one percent of blooms that produce the Beans.

      Always tempting to remind Ayn Rand that bloom in and of itself has value.  Atlas himself must have had something to look at while carrying the world.  Of course she saw in him the defining of beauty.  So I guess somewhere  there was a mirror for him to look into.

      Nor will Broad Beans be able to see Blue Lake Bush Beans.  Which means there will be no comparison of Beans.  There will be no "I am better than you."  This way Broad Beans can be perfect in every way.  Which is not the case amongst Eggplant, where the distraught can see the less distraught.

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