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May 13th 2011    Tim Candler

    Not a big fan of the color pink when it comes at you in the first hours of the morning.  But by afternoon it does reflect a prettiness.  And why it is no longer associated with boy babies, I do not know.

   Of interest though is the German word "pinken" which means to peck, and in the English Language the German word "pinken" holds for pinking shears which produce those perforated and ragged edges.

     I do know that the use of the word 'pink' to describe the color pink is relatively recent in the English Language.   Years ago the color pink was called rose or rosy,  from Latin roseus.

    In the end we use the word pink for the color pink because of the ragged ends of blooms in the Dianthus family that happen also to be pink and which are sometimes called "Pinks".

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