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May 14th 2011    Tim Candler

    I suppose it is a sloshing around in excess that results in an increase of  'peculiar patterns'.   Dog breeding, for example.  And I do not mean to use the word 'peculiar' in a derogatory sense.  I mean it to contain a sense of strangeness, a sense of "!!!???"

    There are always theories.  The Sheep Dog.  The Guard Dog. The Fashion Accessory.    But when it comes to flowering plants I am guilty of !!!???.  And the only place I can find solace is by sometimes accepting the 'peculiar patterns' of others.

      However I would understand a mathematical model of a 'peculiar pattern' as being geared toward an end point, or a solution that can be found in the back of the exercise book. And if I am lucky the answer is a whole number.

      Always a little sad to realize that process has no end.  It just goes on, and on, and on, like pi.  Which I suppose is the nature of circles, and which I suppose is why the infinite straight line interests me because it at least appears to be going somewhere.

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