An English In Kentucky


















May 16th 2011    Tim Candler

    I imagine the ancestors would have smelled the air this morning and would swiftly have returned to their blankets or their Bear skins or the warmth of their womenfolk.

    We of course have devices that heat and we spend most of our awake time devising ways to earn the income necessary to maintain, service or feed these devices that heat. 

     Foxgloves on the other hand love this sort of weather.  The mist and the dew, the drizzle and red nose cold keeps Foxgloves happy.  They can see into the future and into their past and they can feel at home in a land where some years even Wax Gourds can be happy.

    So glad I am not sleeping out there with Foxgloves as many years ago I once did.  Then where Wax Gourds are always happy a person sleeping out there gets eaten alive by Tics and Mosquito and creatures that crawl into ears to lay eggs.

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