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May 18th 2011    Tim Candler

    It is probably the case that dizziness is an ear complaint.  Then a person begins to see double and has to lie down or sit very still for a while.  Which is a good opportunity to contemplate the possibility that our species might not yet have fully evolved to life on two feet.

     Of the other two legged species, one slouches around, has long arms and can climb trees, the other not only sleeps upright but can also fly and lay eggs  

     Of course we are mostly doomed to remain exactly as we are until such time as a catastrophe rearranges priorities.  A circumstance that probably won't give us wings but could return us to woodland where feet that can hold branches might again be useful.

     The other possibility could belong to this coming Saturday morning, because May 21st could be the day of the Lord's final wrath against the ungodly.

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