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May 1st 2011    Tim Candler

    Yesterday was "Peak Gardening Day."  Some will dispute this, because for some gardens are all about "product".  For me, form has been achieved and  it's down hill from here.

    Already Colorado Beetle are gnawing on things as they prepare to copulate endlessly.  Hoppy Bugs on the Tomato seedlings, which means there are many of them and they are terribly hungry.  And Barn Swallow looking for nesting mud, which means trying to poison the almost invisible puts me foul of progress.

     Along edges, creeping grass is blissfully green, that blue green of the perfectly nourished.  It's difficult to move without see a Morning Glory sprout or a Mole Bean erupt.  And I can guarantee those things that look like little Chrysanthemum are Nursery Bane getting ready to vie with Portulaca for the privilege of  hammering the final nail.

     With respect to "product" there has been one ripe Strawberry equally divided, a spattering of Spinach and a couple of lettuce leaves.

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