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May 23rd 2011    Tim Candler

    The big excitement for some of us is Summer Solstice.  And it's because we like circles.  Those straight line people are so preoccupied by newness they have forgotten the comfort of a constant repetition from the same old pattern.

    Then May turns into April.  Someone, probably with long ears and webbed feet, starts nibbling Chard.  The roots of warm weather crops succumb to cold and damp.  A Brown Thrasher out sings a Mockingbird.  A Kentucky Warbler shows me his yellow breast and his eye liner, and sunshine retreats behind another inch of rain.

     The perennial will say "look on the bright side! An excellent year for Strawberry!"  Which is both irritating and true.  As well there is opportunity in these long wet dark days.  Other things to get done.  Besides Florida, Texas and the isle of Wight are in drought.  Eighty nine people killed yesterday by tornado not far from here.

    But there is certainty to be found on June 21st, and that certainty belongs to the duration of daylight with Winter on the horizon.  I tell you this, if Blue Lake Bush Beans climb this year I'll turn over the Vegetable Garden, I'll put down outdoor carpeting and I'll plant statuary. A challenge I have issued more often then once.

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