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May 24th 2011    Tim Candler

    I am increasingly absorbed by a leak in a north facing door. When gale force wind is north westerly, rain water travels up hill and then released from the stress of disobedience to gravity it runs smooth as a pond across a concrete floor.

    Early attempts at repair reduced this proclivity, more recent attempts appear only to have encouraged it.  So there is much tossing and turning, and a return of those behaviors that characterized the Old Me.  

     Interesting to note that the original repair was itself a product from the mind of the intemperate and fist-shaking creature I used to be.  No tip-toeing around, complete absence of subtlety, twenty feet of three quarter inch plank and enough caulking to sail a battle ship.

    It's a fine line, but on the bright side these snappy storms that hit us so regularly do offer endless opportunities to experiment with structural reform without relying on a hose pipe to recreate the north westerly, rain wrapped gale.  

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