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May 25th 2011    Tim Candler

    Summer Tanager is not yet omnipresent and this even though there are bees aplenty.  He's probably in love.  His little heart purring.  Yet this is no more than a brief interlude for him, and soon his mind will turn to the sublime of post structural interlocution where I will be his sounding board.

    It's not an even sided conversation we have.  I would like to think it an issue of language disparity.  But he has a quicker wit than I, so mostly my contribution is the odd grunt and the occasional loud "shut up!"  Which for a post structural mind serves well enough as a constructive response. 

     The problem starts when The Artist happens upon our reverie with that question "who are you talking to?"  And I have run short of excuses.  So next time I'll just say "the Summer Tanager" and I'll have to hope for an understanding nod, because more often than not the solution to imbalance is a dietary supplement.

     If however my response to the question "who are you talking to?" was something like "I am learning to tap into my wise mind by listening to my authentic self," chances are I'd find myself in a padded cell by early evening.

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