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May 29th 2011    Tim Candler

    Very pretty days but Broad Beans are unhappy and why I relapsed can be attributed to weak mind and wishy-washiness.  Of course Broad Beans stand no chance when days and weeks and months become eighty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit.  As well I know there is a rabbit in the Vegetable Garden.

    He's a Fawn Rabbit.  Probably the little one I saw snoozing under the Candy Roaster last year.  He was stretched from leg to leg, his tummy catching sunshine, and I thought when he grows up he'll be too big to squeeze through the fencing.

     Now of course he has his kingdom and his taste for Chard seedlings, and he goes home in the early morning all pleased with himself and full of secrets.  I bet the little bastard swaggers around and belches.  So there is work to do if I am to wipe that smile off his face 

    I remember when I was little being told that if I could fit my head through a gap, the rest of my body could follow.  I remember too how tricky ears proved to be when conducting the necessary experiment. 

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