An English In Kentucky


















May 30th 2011    Tim Candler

    I wonder if Rabbits can pole vault or climb.  Probably when inclination strikes they will.  Which means there is a possibility that Dead Eye Jane might reach for the twenty two and spend the evening sporting around taking potshots. 

    My own reaction is always to wonder how we would manage if Elephants roamed the Kentucky hills.   Like dogs with collars they would be protected by now and anyone caught with Elephant meat in the larder would most likely have to spend time explaining himself to the magistrate.

     It would be nice to sit high on a bluff stare down to the river where Elephants and their children bathed.  Then they would saunter up through the woodlands, drop by the Vegetable Garden for a Carrot.  They might move on through the pastures where teenage Elephants could chase Cows.  They might wander into town, ransack one of ten dozen pharmacies.   Get their teeth cleaned at the Smile Center.  Turn up for the little league game.  Lend a hand when tractors became mired.

     Many of us would most likely have stuffed Elephant heads mounted upon the living room wall beside the television set and ubiquitous would be the Elephant foot umbrella stand.

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