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May 3rd 2011    Tim Candler

    One year ago, eight and a half inches of rain fell.  And it is raining again today.  The New Me has a bat in his hand and occasionally he can be seen beating back the Old Me.   Nor is it a pretty sight.  There is gore and sneezing and coughing.  There is ear complaint and headache.  Reason enough for unkind words.

    Kentucky can often  boast the highest pollen and mold spore counts in North America.   Our state flower is Goldenrod which toward Fall produces a yellow bloom that fills hedgerows with blessings and profit for the manufacturers of handkerchiefs as well as allergen relief products.

     We have a State mineral which is coal, our state rock is agate and our state gemstone is a freshwater pearl.  But Mushrooms and Molds do not figure in any  list of prizes.  Which is too bad, because a wander through the grocery or the poison alley of the hardware store reveals how profitable mold spore and their parent have become.

     Strange too how polite manufacturers are with respect to Mold and Mushroom.  In addressing the court they grandly call it Fungicide.  Reserving "killer" for things like Ant or Cockroach or Termite or Weed.

    Incidentally our state insect is the Viceroy Butterfly. 

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